Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey y’all!

   This week has been amazing for us! We have seen so many miracles! But first of all I will start out by saying that it is December now and I think that Oklahoma hasn't quite figured that out yet. It has been over 60 degrees every day this week. I haven't even had to wear gloves or a beanie or anything since the ice storm! It’s crazy! Right now it’s sunny and 58 outside! Anyhow, I’m waiting for the cold weather to hit like a ton of bricks pretty soon. We're due for it!
   On a more spiritual note, we had some amazing things happen this week! We have an investigator (or eternigator) Janetta Seagraves, who we have been teaching since I got here. She has been meeting with the missionaries for over 3 years now! She has a smoking problem and thinks that God doesn't care if she smokes a cigarette here or there. She is a super sweet lady but has a hard time understanding the commandments. So we took it to the next level. We call up the big man. All 7 feet of him. P-dog. The Main man, President Walkenhorst. We scheduled an interview for them for this last Thursday. She called us on Thursday morning and told us that she couldn't do it. She was going to start going to another Church with her husband Seth (Who is inactive) and son Gabe who is 2. But Elder Taggart testified hard core and convinced her to go through with it!  So she did and it was amazing! The Janetta that walked out of that interview was a different Janetta that walked in. I don't know what President said to her but it worked. She committed to stop smoking by the end of the year and she committed to come to church every Sunday from now on! We have tried so hard to get her to come and she wouldn't do it! We don't know what He said in there but it worked! We went over the next night to get the rest of the family on board. They all agreed and they all came to church on Sunday! They haven't been to church as a family in years! And Sister Seagraves even bore her testimony! It was so powerful!
   I am so thankful for this Gospel and I know it to be true! I hope that everyone is well and that y’all are pondering on how you can be better every day! Love y’all!

Elder Walker

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