Friday, January 22, 2016

Howdy y’all!

   This week has been an interesting one for us. We started off this week by helping a guy in our ward move some stuff around. Turns out that this guy is a hoarder. He hoards lawn mowers and cars. His house is full of lawn mowers and his yard is full of mowers and cars. He is losing his house so we went over there to help him gather a few things up before he gets kicked out. He had us take some boards in his back yard and load them onto his friends trailer so that he could have them put into storage. So it turns out that we were helping a hoarder hoard some more! He has a 1950s jaguar in his shed that is all dusty and hasn’t been driven in 40+ years. Some guy offered him $22,000 for it if he could clear a path in his yard and get it out onto the street. But nope he didn’t want to, so now he’s losing it. It’s a super nice old car too! His loss... 
   Then on Thanksgiving we had a blast! We had our ward turkey bowl that morning and it was interesting. There were 8 missionaries that showed up and like 6 other people. There were some cheap hits, some swearing, some tantrums thrown, some screaming and yelling, some cheap calls, some sweet touchdowns, some people that got hurt and some toddler behavior all thrown into the mix! (None of that came from the missionaries by the way. Honest) I was thinking, hmm we are all adults here. Let’s act like it! It’s just a flippin pickup game of football! Get over it! But it was fun none the less!   
  After that we had a meeting with some other zone leaders the Sister Training leaders too. That was to plan for our stake missionary correlation meeting with the Stake Presidency and the Mission President for that coming Sunday. It went really well and we got lots done! Then we went to eat some thanksgiving meal! OH MAN did I stuff my face! We had dinner with the Farrars and with the Murphy Families. It was so much fun!     
  It was raining and pretty warm that morning. I think that it was like 65 that morning and throughout the day it got colder. Friday it was in the low 30s and raining. Freezing rain! It was cold enough to snow but too humid so it just rains and freezes when it hits the ground. It got colder and colder until Friday night when things were getting pretty icy. We were on exchanges and I was with an elder from Arizona so he was freaking out! When we woke up on Saturday it was like a war zone outside! There were trees down everywhere and branches down on power lines and all sorts of crazy stuff! There was half of this big tree that fell on this car in our complex. The car belonged to a lady who wasn’t very nice so we thought that was funny! The roads weren’t too bad but they were still a little scary! Anyhow, we drove back to Edmond to exchange back and made it safe and sound. Then we spent the afternoon helping brother Murphy clean up his trees and stuff. He couldn’t get his chainsaw running so I fixed it for him. It was a fun day! 
   To sum it all up we had a pretty crazy week! It’s a time to be thankful and remember what this season is all about! It’s a time to remember that Our Savior was born to save us. Not that Walmart is having a huge sale. The Church put out a new Video called A Savior is Born. It’s at so go check it out! It is very inspirational and we should take the challenge it extends. Discover why we need a Savior and discover what He saves us from! Love y’all and have a great week! 

Elder Walker

The turkey bowl

After the stuffing

I hope they had good insurance

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