Monday, February 23, 2015


 Hey Y’all!
    This week has been cold again. It’s kinda getting old but whatever. It’s been in the 30's and 40's all week. Yesterday we woke up and it was 40 then after church it was 25! These cold fronts move in quick! Then it was cold for the rest of the day and then it snowed last night. At least stay consistent! haha It was 15 degrees and snowing when we left the apartment this morning! Crazy man!
 Anyhow, this week I got a new companion. Elder Lloyd! He is super cool! He's from a small town called Grace in Idaho! He's a farm boy, so you could say that we get along pretty well :) He's been out for 20 months so if you email or write him don’t mention that. We don’t want him to get trunky!! But he's a super awesome guy and a hard worker! 
On Wednesday night we got to go to the Nashville Tribute concert! They came to Oklahoma City and the Missionaries got to go for free! Nashville tribute is a LDS band just in case y’all were wondering! They said they play redneck Mormon music hahaha. It’s pretty awesome stuff! The album they performed is called Redeemer. It is a tribute to Jesus Christ and his ministry. Y’all should go check it out because it’s awesome and it brings the spirit so strong! Before the concert they took all the missionaries backstage to meet the band! That was super cool! I got to shake hands with Tim Gates, Jason Deere and Dan Trumann's! For those of you who don’t know, Dan Trumann is a member of Diamond Rio!! I was so excited! Then right before the show was about to start we all said a prayer together! It was so powerful!
But we've had our Ward game night this week and what we call the "Why I believe" fireside. It’s where they select 3 people who joined the church as adults and they share their conversion story. It was so good!
But this week has been a lot of knocking doors and talking to people which is good! We have 2 new investigators who are really promising! And if all goes well we'll have 6 new investigators! We have a lot of appointments set for this week so it should be a good one! 
This week I have been studying a lot about what will happen after this life and how we need to prepare for that time. We read in Matthew 25 about the parable of the 10 virgins and how some of them were prepared to meet the Bridegroom and some were not. We need to look at ourselves and our lives and ask ourselves are we ready to meet our savior when He comes again? What are we doing to prepare for the second coming of the Savior? The time is coming quickly and sin is more prevalent now than ever! Living righteously is so important as we prepare for this glorious time! Always read the scriptures. They are the directions for life! Also prayer is so important to keep a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father. If you are faithful in doing these things I can promise that you will be prepared to meet your maker when He comes again. I can’t wait!! Always remember where your blessings come from! Love y’all!
Elder Walker
PS. Oklahoma is the #1 Dr. Pepper consuming state in the country and area in the world!   

 Dinner at a Sushi Restaurant


My new companion, Elder Lloyd from Grace Idaho

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey Y'all

This week has been crazy! We've been busy everyday, doing lots of service and visiting people. 
The weather was real nice up until Sunday. It was in the 80's several days but then it took a turn for the worse. We heard it was supposed to be cold and we were gonna get an ice storm! It went from 80 degrees Saturday to low 30's on Sunday. Then Sunday night it got down to 15 and we had freezing rain and snow haha. When we woke up Monday it was slicker than snot outside! But we still drove to do laundry and were later told by our zone leader's that we weren't supposed to drive at all haha. Oops. But crazy stuff! 
Sunday we found out whats happening with transfers. I'm staying here and Elder Staheli is going to New Castle (not very far away). I'm getting a new companion, Elder Lloyd is his name and he will be the new district leader. We also had Elder Davis a zone leader become the assistant to the president and our district leader is going to El Reno and his old companion is training! Sister Jensen is going to Lawton and Sister Bishop is replacing her. Crazy stuff! Hopefully it all works out! 
This week I have been studying the POS (Plan of Salvation) it is such a perfect plan! And as I was reading and studying, I have come to realize that our Heavenly Father is so merciful and gives us every possible opportunity to succeed. We can repent over and over again and have endless chances to be forgiven as long as we keep trying! I love the knowledge we have of our Fathers plan and I see it in action daily! What a wonderful blessing!! 
I hope y'all are doing well! I love you all and hope y'all have an amazing week! 

Elder Walker   

Monday, February 9, 2015


Hey Y'all!

We have had a crazy week here! Its been pretty nice all week and yesterday it was 79 outside! We have worked hard all week and it payed off! We got 2 new investigators! Charlie and Isabel. We rode all over the place and put lots of miles on our bikes. 
We are conspiring about transfers next week haha. We had interviews with president on Wednesday and he said that he wants me to train in the near future! I just finished my training a month ago! Scary! But he said it would be a little further out but still freaky. Elder Buhler our District Leader is leaving so there's also a chance that I could be district leader. There's also a chance that either me or Elder Staheli could be leaving! This is freakin me out! haha but we'll find out on Sunday! 
On Saturday we had a pinewood derby for the ward and I had my parents send me one of my cars! They had an open class that we competed in and I won 2nd Place! Elder Staheli wanted to race too so he got a kit and carved his car with his knife! He colored it with sharpies and slapped the wheels on there and won 3rd place!! Impressive! It was so much fun! But that was the highlight of the weekend!
I am grateful for the experiences that we have had this week and I know we have been greatly blessed! Thank you so much for the prayers, love and support you send our way! It means the world to us! 
This week I have been reading in Alma and I especially loved Alma 32. Its all about faith! One of the things it talks about is that if we do not nourish our faith it will not do us any good! We must always be exercising our faith. We can do this by praying, attending church, reading scriptures, and utilizing the atonement! If we nourish our faith we will reap the rewards of it! What a blessing! Never fail to exercise your faith and nourish it!
Love y'all and have a great week! 

Elder Walker

PS here's some pictures from our trip to the cowboy museum last week and the pinewood derby

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2nd

Hey y'all!

Well this week was interesting. On Monday through Wednesday it was like 75 to 80 degrees outside. It was super nice to be biking with no jacket again! In January too! 
But then Thursday it went back down into the 40s. Oh well. When we woke up this morning it was 15 degrees outside. Its really throwing me off! But since it was cold that means that we were walking again. We walked FridaySaturday (in the pouring rain) and Sunday.
But we got a new investigator on Sunday which was awesome! His name is Tim and he is an interesting guy! But anyways we had a good week. 
Tuesday we went to the temple! I was so excited for that! We went with our zone and it was such an amazing experience! 
Thursday we went down to Union City. We have the northern half of Union City and the 2nd ward has the southern half, so we went with them. It's about 20 miles from Yukon and we had 2 less active members we went to go see. The population of Union city is 1,600 haha and it's all farmland. Mostly what I imagined most of  Oklahoma to be like! We tried to visit our less actives but neither of them were home. We did get to see lots of tractors, big trucks and cows though! It was an adventure to say the least! That was probably the highlight of the week! 
We dropped Ed and Murtle as investigators. They were not interested anymore. Sad but you've gotta do it sometimes. 
But this week I have been studying a lot about the spirit. I especially like the scripture in 2 Nephi 33:1-2. It talks about the spirit bringing the truth unto the hearts of the Children of men, unto their hearts. We must let it into our hearts. I was thinking about ways to let it into our hearts and one thing I thought of is that we must listen to and follow the promptings of the spirit. It's not always easy to do this but we must act courageously on those promptings! They usually aren't easy things. They usually aren't comfortable or even convenient. But that doesn't matter. We never know what might come of our decision to act on those promptings. We might be the answer to someones prayer! So never fail to act courageously and I promise you will be blessed for your courage!
I love y'all and hope your week is amazing! Its time to hit the ol dusty trail so I'll talk to you next week! 

Love y'all!

Elder Walker

This is AP Petersen and AP Zeyer. They are super awesome!

Oklahoma City Temple

The District

My Zone