Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hey Y’all,

   First of all, I want to apologize for not replying to everyone’s emails today. Today we are having zone P-day and are going to the OKC Science museum so we have a limited time on emails.

   I have received several complaints about me sharing what the weather is like. They say that they want to hear more about me and what’s going on and not the weather. So I'll do my best!

    So this week was a really good one for us. It snowed on Friday night and that was a lot of fun! It’s been freezing cold all week and the wind has been pretty bad too. I think it got down to around 15 degrees or something like that. I love it though! I'd rather be in the cold than the heat! (haha Gotcha :P )

   Anyhow, I am doing really well. This week has been full of miracles and interesting experiences. We had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Spanish OKC 4 East elders and the Village South Elders this week. I was with Elder Mickelson on Tuesday and then with Elder Swensen on Friday. They are 2 of our District leaders who are awesome! We love them so much and enjoy working with them!

   On Friday night, I was with Elder Swensen in His area, Village South, and we had dinner with the Roper Family. They are super awesome and have 3 kids. They have a daughter named Summer who is about 7 years old. She is crazy! While we were giving the dinner message after dinner, she climbed up on the back of his chair and climbed on his shoulders super fast. The Sisters were talking and so he reached up to grab her and get her off. Mean while the sisters and Sister Roper were having a really spiritual conversation about missionary work. Sister Roper had no idea what her daughter was doing. Well, Summer proceeded to lock her legs around Elder Swensen's neck and cover his eyes. So he couldn't get her off! He stood up and stumbled into the other room where he continued to beat her against the couch to get her off. She was laughing and having a great time! Elder Swensen was freaking out because we're not supposed to play with kids at all. So then I looked in there and he couldn't get her off by beating her against the couch so he started rolling on the floor and going crazy! After about 30 seconds of that and all of us dying laughing, he got her off! She was clamped on there! It was a great time and we all got a good laugh out of it. After that, he came back to the table with a red face and out of breath. Funny Stuff!   

   Wednesday night, we got a call from a lady who had given us a referral to visit her friend. Her name is Kayleen. So Kayleen said that there was some weird stuff going on at her friend’s house( her name is Katherine and is currently an investigator) and asked us if we could go give a blessing on her home. So we called Katherine and she said that there was a demon in her house messing with her and that the power had partially gone out and all the lights were flickering and stuff.
   So we went over there, and there was a really creepy feeling in her house. She had hurt her back the day before and so we offered to give her a priesthood blessing for that. She said yes and so I gave her that blessing. There were lights flickering and her alarm kept shorting out and beeping funny and it was super creepy. I didn't feel comfortable at all in there. As I gave the blessing, there was something that was working on me really hard. I have never felt something trying to distract me so much. With a short prayer in my head I was able to finish the blessing.

   After that we went to kneel down and pray over her home. Elder Taggart was just about to start and the power went out completely. It was pitch black in her house and I think I got a little bit of a taste of what Joseph Smith might have felt like as he was trying to pray in the grove of trees. Something dark overwhelmed the room and I got really scared. I can honestly say that I've never been so scared in my life. Elder Taggart started the prayer and the whole time I was thinking, Heavenly Father, please protect us. Please protect us. Elder Taggart said the prayer and in the name of Jesus Christ, commanded anything unclean and evil to leave the home. Immediately, there was a calm feeling that entered the room and everything felt normal again. It was a really strange experience that I hope I never have to go through again. Satan was working really hard on her because she has accepted the invitation to baptism and is taking the lessons. The power of prayer is so real!!   

 We got a referral on Thursday for a man named Jay Hardy. His good friend works at BYU and referred him to us. Jay has just finished Rehab for alcoholism and wants to show God his commitment to change so he wants to join a church! We taught the restoration, invited him to be baptized, and set a baptismal date! He should be getting baptized on February 20th! We are so excited for him He is so prepared and ready to hear the Gospel! He can to church yesterday and loved it. He is such an awesome guy.

   It is amazing how God does His work and prepares people to hear the Gospel. I am so thankful to be a servant of Him in sharing that Gospel with others! If this Gospel isn't true I don't know what is. It has brought me, and millions of others nothing but happiness, peace, comfort, spirituality, knowledge, and a strengthened and increased testimony. I know that it can and will do that for anyone who chooses to accept it!

   I am so thankful for all the Love and Support that all y’all give me on a daily and weekly basis. I couldn't do this without you! This work is so important and I know this is where I need to be. Love y’all and have a great week!

    Elder Shane Walker  

Here’s a picture of Me and Elder Swensen

We played Settlers of Catan on Monday

and we said goodbye to the Shaw family whose moving to Hawaii!

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