Friday, June 10, 2016

June 6

Hey Yall!! 

   This week has been crazy! We probably did more service than anything else! Which is good because that's what our ward mission leader wants us to focus on. Sometimes I feel like I'm part time ranch hand and full time missionary trying to balance 2 jobs! Its nice because I love doing work like that. Plus, getting to be around cattle, horses and other farm animals never hurts! 
    It finally decided to rain this week. And it rained all week long... which makes for lots of mud. (: Pauls Valley is a very muddy place to begin with so we had lots of fun this week if you know what I mean :D haha. You should see our truck. Its the natural color of the earth! 
   Wednesday we had transfers. I'm staying in Pauls Valley and so is my companion! We get to go up the city for every transfer because we have a Zone Leader meeting beforehand. So it was an hour and a half up to the city, we had our meeting, transfers happened, we said hey to some other missionaries, then we loaded up their stuff. So here in the Pauls Valley Ward we have 2 sets of missionaries. Elders and Sisters. Sister Rees and Sister Fuller were here this last transfer. Sister Rees got transferred up to Ponca City! The far north part of the mission! So Sister Trotter came in to replace her! Both me and Elder Riffenburg served with her up in the city so we already knew her. So we loaded up her stuff and also a new missionaries stuff who is being trained in Ardmore. We drove the hour and a half back down to Pauls Valley, dropped off the sisters at their car, then drove another hour down to Ardmore to drop off the Elder's stuff! Then all the way back again! 
   Then for dinner, we ate with the Carnagie family who lives out in a little town waaaaaaaaaaaaay west of here called Antioch. If you've never heard of it, you wouldn't know it exists because its literally not on the map. So we drove out there in the pouring rain to find out that the road to their house was so muddy and flooded that they didn't want us to drive on it! (I was over here thinking, please Sister Carnagie you don’t even know who is behind the wheel of this truck right now... Me :P ) So the road to their place is about a half mile off the main road. (all dirt and by this point, mud) So we walked all the way up to their house (: The food was amazing! But I was thinking the whole time that the new Sister in the ward, Sister Trotter was gonna be pretty freaked out about everything. But she wasn't! Welcome to Pauls Valley Oklahoma! Where everyone lives too far apart and none of the roads are paved! Makes for some fun stories! By the end of Wednesday, we had driven just shy of 300 miles. That made for a long day! And of course, I was driving (: 
   Anyhow, that was a crazy day for sure! We also have done TONS of service this week! We mowed lawns, raked yards, trimmed trees, fed a HUGE burn pile and caught a few fish in the process (: (Don't worry dad, it was early in the morning for our "exercise" haha)
   It was a good week and we were able to get lots done! 
Today we are having a big STM and Zone Pday. We are going out to the Hancock's Property to go fishing and play some other games and activities. Then we're gonna have a big zone picnic/BBQ thing. Out there is where that big burn pile was so we will cook stuff on that bad boy. It’s gonna be so much fun! I hope that it all works out well and that people are able to catch lots of fish!! 
   The work here in Pauls Valley is Moving forward rapidly. We teach so many lessons every week! Before you know it, it’s gonna be the Pauls Valley Stake!! OH YEAH!!!
   Things are going really good here and life couldn’t be better! Love yall and hope that yall have a wonderful week!

Elder Walker 

I caught a turtle, killed this nasty fiddle back and drove by lazy ranch down in Ardmore! 

May 23

Hey Yall!

   I don’t have too much time this week but I want yall to know that things are great here! I love it as always and the work is movin forward!! This week we went and did service on the Nunn Ranch. Twice! It’s awesome! Brother Nunn is a cowboy. A real cowboy! I love that place! We helped put up a big fence and cleared a ton of brush and trees to make more room for his horses. But that’s also where we're goin fishin today (: Anyhow, it’s been a great week and we have been super busy. It’s been nice and sunny and also gross and rainy. 
   This week its supposed to be all sorts of nasty and stormy so we'll see what happens. Anyhow yall are in my prayers and I am so thankful for all that yall do for me! Have a good week! 

Elder Walker