Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey yall! 

   This week was an interesting one for us. Its been really warm all week. We were walkin round in short sleeves the whole time. On Tuesday it was 71 degrees outside. Ridiculous! Last year round this time I was freezin my tie off! But not this year! Its probably gonna hit real soon and get nasty but oh well (: I love the cold so I cant wait! Nothin much happened this week. We had almost all of our appointments fall through which is a little frustrating but oh well. We were able to meet some really cool people though! 
   We knocked on this one ladies door and she opened it up and said that she didnt have time for us. Then we asked if we could say a quick prayer with her. She said yes and came on out to the front porch! We prayed with her and then she opened up and started talking to us about Christmas! We talked to her about the #ASaviorIsBorn video that the church put out and it was really cool. Right before we were about to leave she said that we needed to be careful because satan was out among us. Him and his demons are people we see walking in the stores and down the street and we dont even know it. Now whether or not thats true I dont know but I wouldnt doubt it! We tried to set up a return appt. and she said if you can catch me! I hate it when people say that! Anyhow, we walked off her driveway and there was this guy walking down the street with a puppy. We stopped and talked to him and he was pretty cool! He was native american and was looking for this puppy's owner. We gave him a #ASaviorIsBorn card and he said thanks and went to leave. I said what was your name? And he turned around and shook my hand looked me in the eye and said, "Lucifer". Then he walked away! I was so freaked out after that! I dont know what that was all about but it was really strange that we met him right after we just barely got done talking about satan being among us with that lady! 
   There are some interesting people out there and they all need the Gospel! So dont be afraid to open your mouths to those that you come in contact with. Carry a few pass along cards with you, and keep a Book of Mormon in yer car. You never know when yer gonna need it! 
   Love yall and hope that you have a wonderful week!

Elder Walker 

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