Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 26th


This week has been good! Its been switching back and forth between warm and cold. But we got lots of work done and taught several lessons! We were able to go to one of the sister missionaries investigators baptisms on Saturday and Elder Staheli was able to baptize him and I was able to confirm him on Sunday! So cool! On top of that we had a bunch of less actives at church. It was awesome!
We hopefully have a baptism coming up soon in about a month. Hopefully it works out! 
This week is going to be amazing! We get to go to the temple tomorrow and on Saturday! Twice in one week! The temple is such an amazing place and there are so many blessings that can be received from attending regularly. 
We have been thinking a lot about trials lately and trying to help people as they go through them. We see so many people here that can't get past their trials, it seems like they get comfortable and they are literally stuck in a rut. We try to tell them to put 'er in 4 low and crawl out but they don't want to. That's the weird part. So sad to see wasted potential.
On another note, for those of you who haven't heard, My cousin Tyler Denton came home from his mission early because they found a tumor in his abdomen. They don't know what it is or if it is cancerous but please keep him in your prayers. I'm sure this is not easy for him and his family so I know prayers would be appreciated! 
Sorry this letter is short but we've got the ZL's coming today. So we gotta get stuff done fast! Love y'all and have a good week!

Elder Walker

The sister's baptism

The old district back together again

I met sister Robison from Sherwood where my cousin lives. Small world
Jan 20th

Hey y'all!

This week has been fantastic! It warmed up to the 70's so we don't have to  walk anymore! I've gotten real good at doing wheelies on my bike and me and Elder Staheli have competitions haha. 
We got a new investigator this week named Gabe. He is 16 and goes to Mustang High school. 
We did lots of knocking doors and not much success from that but oh well. We also did lots of visiting less active members too. But our efforts paid off there and we had 8 less actives at sacrament meeting! (that's really good if you didn't sense my excitement :P) 
We did lots of service and had lots of good lessons! We have a few people who are getting close to baptism! Hopefully they will follow through! 
I will be confirming one of the sisters investigators this Sunday along with my musical number in sacrament meeting. Sometimes I wish not everyone knew I played the piano! haha but I'm glad to do it! 
We gave several blessings this week and 2 of them resulted in almost immediate healing! The power of the priesthood is real! SO real! 
We are excited to go to the temple next week to do some endowment sessions on the 27th as a Zone and on the 31st for Elder Staheli's convert from Del City! So exciting! We are so lucky to have a temple here so close by. Its about a 20 min drive from here. 
Anyways, we have been focusing a lot lately on member missionary work. Now I know that this is gonna sound preachy coming from a missionary but its the truth. Us as missionaries are called to be full time teachers. A lot of people think that missionary work is knock knock knocking on peoples doors. (yes that was a Guns N' Roses line) But that is not true. We realistically should never have to knock a single door. But we all know that would be perfect and theres always room for improvement. So this week I challenge every one of you to strive to magnify your calling as a member. Every member of the church has this calling. To find someone to teach for the missionaries. We flippin love it when that happens!! It makes us so happy! 
Also go out with the missionaries if you can. We love having members help us teach! Any effort is greatly appreciated! I thank everyone of you for what you do for the missionaries. Even just feeding us makes a world of difference! 
I know that through our Savior and Heavenly Father we can overcome our fears and weaknesses. He wants us to change and become more like Him. I know that this is not easy. Change is a process and repentance is a pattern. It is because of His love for us that we can change. He loves us so much just the way we are, but he loves us too much to let us stay that way. Love y'all and Have a great week!!

Elder Walker

 Eddy our investigator

Not sure about this one but I thought I would include it
Jan 12

Hey y'all!

This week has been much better than last! Although it never got above freezing we stayed warm. Its too cold and windy to ride bikes so we walked everywhere. we totaled it up and we probably walked about 40 miles this week! I'm glad my shoes are real comfortable and keep my feet warm! Hmm lets see... we saw a dead skunk, armadillo, hawk, cat, coyote, opossum and jack rabbit! Glad its cold outside so they're all frozen!
We got 2 new investigators Ed and Murtle. They are about 95. He was a Church of God pastor for 60 years and he retired 5 years ago. We found them tracting! It sucks but it works haha. 
We were able to skype one of our investigators who is visiting St. George. We are the first missionaries in the mission to skype investigators! It is a really cool experience and you can still feel the spirit through the computer! The Spirit is an amazing thing! We have been led countless times and the outcome is always amazing! One of the quickest ways to bring the spirit is to bear testimony of your beliefs. Also, to read the scriptures and pray! The spirit can lead and guide us if we allow it to. We must be living our lives in a way that allows the spirit to be with us at all times. The spirit will prompt us to do certain things but if we don't do them his voice will get harder and harder to hear. It will back off until we are ready to listen again. Always be living worthy and He will not fail you!
Love y'all! Have a good week!

Elder Walker

Jan 5th 2015

This week has been a struggle. Its been freezing cold and not much success in anything. Doors slammed in our face and no one wants to talk to us. (It could also be that its 15 degrees outside haha) But that doesn't stop us from working! 
We couldn't really do much on New Years eve or New Years but we visited less actives and investigators. Throughout the week all our appointments fell through but that's OK. Next week will be better! I know it will (: We have ups and downs for a reason. 
Transfers are this week and me and my companion Elder Staheli are staying for another transfer! Yay! We are losing 2 missionaries out of our district though. Elder Slack and Sister Young. They are gonna do great in their new areas too! 
One thing that we have been focusing on a lot with people this week is fear. In D&C 6:36 is says "Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, Fear not." If we look to our Heavenly Father and our Savior in every thought and everything we do, we can overcome our fears and be successful. Whatever the circumstance may be, whether its sharing the gospel or anything else! He will help is make it through! Sorry this weeks email is short but We've got lots to do today!
Love yall and don't forget to pray!!

Elder Walker

My first district

I finally found and mountian in Oklahoma