Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th
Hey Yall!

   This week has been WILD!!!!! I don't have a ton of time today so I'm gonna try to condense it all and still hit everything. 
   Starting Monday, we had our Zone Pday/STM. We have an awesome family in our ward (The Boger Family) that has a bunch of land and a really cool house. They let us all come out there and play games and have fun! It was so awesome! It had been forecasted for bad weather that day but it didn't look too bad outside. Well we were about to leave to go change and eat and all in prep for our zone meeting and Sister Boger came out and said that we all needed to come back inside because we were on a tornado warning. So we all headed back inside as it started to rain. In the distance off to the west there was a BLACK wall cloud. So all 20 of us were in their Pool house where their 30 man safe room is, and Sister Boger came out to talk to us. She said that there was an F3 tornado coming straight at us from the west and that it would be there in 15 minutes. So we all as missionaries got together in a big circle and said a prayer that we would all be safe from the tornado and the storms. Then we all sat down and started singing hymns. It was angelic to hear 20 missionaries all singing hymns like that. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other angels there too singing with us. There have been very few times on my mission that I have felt the spirit so strong. I was overcome with a feelingof peace and I knew that everything would be okay.I was still nervous though. Sister Boger said that the Tornado was getting bigger and moving faster towards us. We continued to sing and let me tell you what, we could give Motab a run for their money! It was amazing! Well Sister Boger came out of the safe room and with tears in her eyes said that the tornado had changed its course and would miss us by a half mile or so. I knew that wasn't by chance! The storm passed and we were all safe. There were a few home destroyed and 3 people killed but all the members of the Pauls Valley ward were safe.
   THEN, another tornado came out of a storm about 30 miles south of us in a town called Sulphur. That one was an F4 tornado with 220 MPH winds. It was 1 1/2 miles wide on the ground. That was a BIG one! It did tons of damage but surprisingly killed no one! So the next 2 days consisted of us cleaning up after the damage. Homes leveled, livestock killed, trees shredded, cars thrown. Some lost everything and others a stone throw away were untouched. Absolutely amazing the power that these things have. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I was truly humbled by the power of a tornado. I felt about 6 inches tall as I looked at miles upon miles of destruction. It made me realize how precious life is and how easily we all could have been hurt in that storm. The Lord was truly watching out for us that day and answered our prayers. What a blessing! 
   So that was most of the week! But on a lighter note, on Saturday we went and worked on a ranch that one of our investigators owns. Carla Stokes. We had finished our work and she was cookin us dinner. She heard something outside and went to go look and saw a opossum on top of her trash can! Well she had a few ranch hands that she had fired that left a cooler full of beer cans. We were pouring them all out and missed one! So Elder Riffenburg grabbed it and rounded the house to the where the opossum was. He threw the can and drilled the opossum right in the head and knocked it out. With the help of a 2X4 and a shovel we took care of it! It was a wild and a crazy shot for sure! Fun times! Its been a crazy week and now its time for some fishin (:

Love yall and have a great week! And look out for Naders!

Elder Walker 

So here is the tornado that hit sulphur. And some of the clean up and the oppossum!

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