Monday, May 16, 2016

April 25th

Hey Yall! 

   This week has been amazing! I had a few wonderful days in Quail Creek before I left for Pauls Valley Oklahoma. I have loved every second of it here because this place feels like home. I have served in the heart of the City now for 19 months and I have the wonderful chance to be here with the saints of Pauls Valley. They are so amazing. Very different than city people. Everyone is so down to earth and willing to do anything for you. They make amazing food and have no shortage of work to do. So if you ask if you can help they actually say yes!! Thats new for me! My new companion is Elder Riffenburg and he is an awesome guy. He was one of our District Leaders up in Edmond when I was still in Quail Creek and about 2 transfers ago he became a Zone Leader so now I get to serve with him! Im so excited! I am grateful to have had all great companions! Well mostly. Some weren't so great but that's not important (:
   The ward is amazing! It was a branch about 4 months ago and then was made a ward. The work is moving forward here! In my 5 days here we have worked on 3 different ranches, been fishing, got the truck stuck, and helped build a house! I love it! Oh, for yall that know who Toby Keith is, he has a huge ranch out here and, yall remember the movie Footloose? It was filmed in one of the towns here in our area called Elmore City! Theres even signs up that say no dancing! Its pretty cool! I am on the last stretch of my mission and I am so happy to be here! 
   I want to apologize for not responding to everyones emails. We are going fishing on a members private pond today. (: They live out there a ways so it takes a while to get there. 
   Anyhow, Life is great! I am full of gratitude and am grateful for all yall who love and support me! I hope that yall have a wonderful week!

Elder Walker 

Here's my new comp and the pond we hit saturday morning. This place is gorgeous!!

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