Monday, May 16, 2016

May 9th
Hey Yall!! 

   This week was amazing! The weather has been great and the work is moving forward! It was a crazy busy week though. We had two exchanges two days in a row! Thursday with the AP's and Friday with the Ada North Elders. So that was fun! Especially because I don't know this area very well. I guess I gotta learn it somehow! Anyhow, things are going good here! 
   Mothers day was pretty good! Both me and Elder Riffenburg gave talks in sacrament meeting so that was fun (: We got to skype with our families too! That was a highlight for sure! Its so nice to see everyone's faces and see how much they've grown! And this was a milestone because that was my last time skyping home! Its crazy how fast time flies! 
   Oklahoma has become my home away from home. Oregon is still my home obviously, but I have learned to love Oklahoma so much. The people, the landscape, the bashers, the members and many other things. It has and always will have a special place in my heart! I love this place so much! I do miss the mountains like crazy though. Anyhow, all is well here in Oklahoma and I'm happy as ever! 

Love yall and have a great week! 

Elder Walker

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