Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th

Hey Ya’ll!

   Man, where did the week go? It feels like I just sent one of these emails yesterday! But this had been quite the week. It’s been off and on good weather. It’s been nice some days and cloudy and wet others. One thing that I do love about Oklahoma is their thunderstorms! I LOVE thunderstorms! We had one earlier this week that literally shook our apartment! Oh man they are so awesome here!
But anyway, this week we taught a lot of lessons. We were really blessed this week with the opportunity to teach a lot of really amazing people. The Lord is so awesome! On Monday it was super nice out. For P-day we went Frisbee Golfing at a park about a mile away from our place. It’s an 18 hole course and its free! One of our investigators Colby Henderson took us. He’s really into it so it was a lot of fun. Afterwards he gave us both a few discs so we could play on our own.
   So every morning we go on a run. We run to the church and back. (About 2 1/2 miles) So now in the mornings (when it’s not raining) we run to the park and play a few holes! It’s so much fun and I think we're addicted! Anyways, we are working on Colby being baptized on May 23rd. He just needs a few more lessons and to stop smoking and he’s golden! It’s ridiculous. Everyone here smokes! Everyone!! They may as well call is smoklahoma! But that's ok. We've been able to help a few people quit.
   This weekend, the 2nd, we have a baptism coming up. Cheyenne is his name. He is super cool and super excited to be baptized!
Crazy miracle this week! On Sunday (yesterday) this guy walked into church, came up to us and asked us how he would go about becoming a member of our church!! SAY WHAT?? Both Elder Van Halder and I were speechless. So he stayed for church and we set up an appointment for later this week! That is amazing! He's another one to add to the list of people who are super solid! But anyways, I just wanted to share that amazing experience with ya’ll. The Lord is blessing us so much it’s not even funny! It’s amazing to see what He has in store for us. But a lot of it has to do with our faith. Ya know the Lord wants to do so much for us but sometimes He can’t because we aren't asking or our faith isn't sufficient. Just like when the savior would ask people if they had faith to be healed. We must be doing all that we can to strengthen our faith because Casual obedience and lukewarm commitment weakens faith. We must be obedient to all of Gods commandments. We must be committed to the Gospel and willing to sacrifice for it. ALL of Gods commandments apply to us and if we think some of them don't, we are wrong.
The Lord is so merciful and loves us perfectly. That's all He asks us to do, keep his commandments and we will have eternal life. That's what we all want right? So why not do it? That's why we have this perfect restored gospel, to keep us on the right path.
Keep on keepin on and have an amazing week! Love yall!

Elder Walker 

Shane and the Zone Leaders

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