Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30th

Hey Y’all! 

   This week has been crazy! We started out Monday with an amazing p-day! We played some hard ball and got a good sweat going! Then we had a good evening and taught a really spiritual lesson! 
   Tuesday we worked hard and it was super nice outside. We taught another lesson that went real well. It was 85 outside and gorgeous missionary work weather! Wednesday it all hit the fan. We did service at the Library in the morning then had lunch with a member. She told us that there was a big storm coming in later that day and that we shouldn’t be out in it. We looked around and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! We went about the rest of our day and then went to dinner with the Whipple family. During dinner they were talking bout the naters (That’s what people call them here) and we were joking around and stuff. Then when we went out after dinner with Brother Whipple and it was storming pretty good. Thunder, lightning and the works. We pulled up to a sister’s house and all Hell broke loose. We were in the van and it was shaking because of the wind. Trash cans were blowing down the street and a tree blew down a few houses away. Golf ball sized hail started coming down and pelting the car and cracked his windshield. Sister Drake was standing at the door yelling at us to come in. When we ran in a chunk of hail hit me on the shoulder and bruised me pretty good! 
  When we got inside she had the news on and it said that a tornado had just touched down outside of El Reno and was coming towards Yukon. It said that the winds were 100+ MPH. So we all ran to get in her shelter. Then we got a call from the ZL's to go get the sisters and take them to a shelter because they were in their bathtub with mattresses over them!! I was laughing so hard until I realized that we had to go out into the storm/tornado to get them! No thanks! But we did it,we drove back to the apartments and got them. There was about 6 inches of standing water on every road and the wind was blowing super hard! When we got them they were pretty freaked out. The power was flashing on and off and hail was pounding hard on everything. We got back into Brother Whipple’s nater chaser (minivan) and drove back to his shelter. We got back to his house and found out that the tornado had lifted off the ground just before it got to Yukon and went over the top of us. The 2nd ward elders (Down in mustang about 5 miles south of us) said they could see the funnel cloud forming above Yukon and it was pretty big!
   It touched down just outside of the south east corner and then ripped through Moore. It only was an F1 tornado but it still did lots of damage.  Moore gets hit with tornados every single year. 2 years ago one of the biggest naters ever recorded flattened Moore and killed hundreds of people. But they still keep rebuilding it! So after everything calmed down we went home for the night. That was enough for one day! 
   The next morning we went to Moore to help with nater cleanup. All the missionaries in our zone went to help including the Big man P-dog. President Walkenhorst! We helped clean up trees and roofs and siding and everything else! There were radio towers blown over and even the roof of the elementary school got ripped off! So we helped move the school to a huge Baptist church there in Moore. That was pretty much our whole day!
   This week we had 5 investigators come to church and all of them will be baptized within the next 6 weeks! So exciting! 
   Today is a sad day though, I’m getting transferred, after 6 months I’m leaving Mustang 1st ward to go serve in OKC 1st Ward. In the City (which I’m not too thrilled about...) But I know the Lord needs me there. My new companion will be Elder VanHalder
   This week I have been reading about the coming of Christ in the B of M. It talks about all the wicked people who were burned, drowned, buried, or sucked up and tossed in a whirlwind (tornados haha). In Helaman 5:12 it talks about how when we build our foundations on Christ we can withstand any storm or anything the adversary throws at us. Anything! My favorite part of that scripture is the end where is says, “Because of the rock upon which ye are built (The Savior), which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." You absolutely, for sure, said and done, in no way shape or form, bought and paid for CANNOT fall. EVER!
   So let this be a reminder, in times of spiritual whirlwinds and storms that we must always be building and strengthening our foundations on and in Christ. 
   Thanks for the love and support you have shown me! I hope y’all have an amazing week!

Love y’all!

Elder Walker

Time for some Easter fun

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