Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hey yall! 

   Its been a wild week! Holy smokes where to start... We started out the week with lots of service. We didnt even put on our Pros clothes until wednesday! We were workin hard doin everything from mowin lawns, choppin down trees, wrestlin sheep, weldin fence and it keeps goin! But we were given a wonderful chance to help a potential Investigator weld up the front gate of his ranch so we did! It was awesome! We developed a great relationship with him even in that short time! His name is Joe Ledbedder and hes a true Okie haha. But he's awesome! 
   Wednesday we had quite the little adventure. We were bikin down Highway 77 to find a little subdivision and we ended up not finding it. So we started bikin back up. Well Elder Whitten was in front of me and saw a little pile of sand. He thought that it would be a good idea to jump his bike on it haha. Well he did and he beefed it hard. Really hard! I was behind a ways so by the time I got up to him he was propped up on his hands sittin down. His face was all red and he was tryin to breath but he couldnt! He got the wind knocked out of him pretty bad. So I was yellin at him like "Elder! are you ok!?!" Well I got up to him finally and I watched his eyes roll back into his head and he proceeded to pass out. Boom. I just killed my companion. That's what I thought! I started freakin out. I was diggin through his pockets tryin to find the phone and call 911. I was yellin at him and shakin him and sayin, "Wake up! Wake up Elder!" I was seconds from callin 911 and he opened his eyes. I asked him if he was alright and he looked at me with a really dazed look and said, "yeah man Im great!" Whatever! About then a car pulled up and I told him to stay there while I talked to this lady (Who turned out to be a nurse) and he ended up gettin up and seemed to be fine. It was the weirdest thing but I guess he's ok haha. Strange I know! That asphalt aint got nothin on Whitten! Haha. Crazy guy! 
   The rest of the week we spent some good time trackin down less active familes. Lots of ours live way out in the boonies so its kinda hard to see em all. We met a few that were super promising and very welcoming to us. But no one hardly ever sees them because they live so far out! Sad! 
   But I also found out this week that Im gettin transferred on wednesday! Im leavin the land of Pauls Valley to go to Wichita Falls Texas! Not only am I getting Transferred but I am also opening a new area and finishing the training a new missionary! Its been so long since I've trained and I've never opened a new are before. I guess we'll have to see how it goes! Its gonna be a wild last 6 weeks of my mission. I cant believe how fast it all has gone. And now I have 1 transfer left. Dang. Im sure am gonna do my darndest to work the shoes right off my feet. But its a good way for me to finish strong and go out with my boots on! I have loved serving here in Pauls Valley and I will miss it greatly! I wish that yall could meet these people out here. They are wonderful! Love yall! 

Elder Walker 

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