Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hey yall! 

   I wanna apologize for not writin the last few weeks! Our mission president has limited us to 2 hours for email so I have had tons of emails to respond to! Last week we had even less time to email so when I opened my email account to find 48 messages from different people I felt bad because I knew that I could respond to all of them! So sorry for that but thank you for your emails!
   But this week we had some awesome times! We had our Specialized Training Meeting/Zone Pday on Monday, A Leadership Training Meeting on Tuesday, our Zone Temple Trip on Thursday and a District Meeting on Friday and Exchanges with Both the AP's and the Elders in Ada too! Holy Smokes! Its been wild! And in there we had a little bit of time to work (: But we still killed it! 
   So I wanted to share an experience with you that I had this week while I was on exchanges in Ada. We went to a Drug rehab center because they have some Investigators there. Their names are Andrew, Mike and Ricky. We walked in and everyone there started talking to us about God and asking questions and stuff. We pushed our way through the crowd and had to find a spot where we could sit down and have a discussion. We were sitting there with 3 criminals. Very rough individuals. They were all covered in tattoos and scars and honestly looked pretty scary. But I had never come across anyone on my mission that was so humble. These 3 men were so hungry for something more. Something that would change their lives and give them hope. Something that could allow them to feel forgiveness. In Enos 1:4 is starts out by saying "And my soul hungered..." These mens souls were so hungry. They ate up every bit of what we taught! They had amazing questions and wanted to learn more! When we invited them to be baptized they were so fast to say yes! It was amazing to see how these men were prepared to receive the gospel. To see someone who was so hardened by drugs, alcohol, prison, and who knows what else, what really humbling. There was a light in their eyes like their spirit was trying to come out and say yes! This is what I need! That was super cool. Too bad there isnt a rehab center here in Pauls Valley! Anyhow, that was the highlight of the week!  
   We also caught a wild tarantula on the road on friday night! So we held him and named him John. Hes pretty friendly! Anyhow, its been a great week and there are lots more to follow! 
   To all those whom I didnt respond Im sorry! I'll getcha next week! Love yall and have a great week!

Elder Walker

Elder Van Halder goes home this week! ): I made the departure list! and The Pauls Valley Zone! 

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