Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August 29th

Howdy yall!

   Well here I am in Wichita Falls Texas! I never thought that I would serve here! Its been an amazing week full of miracles, craziness, gettin really lost, and fun times! 
   My new companion is Porter Larsen from Linden Utah and he has been out for about 2 months. He is a diabetic so that's a new experience for me. Yall know that I don't do needles so maybe the Lord is tryin to teach my somethin! But he is a cool guy. Its been a bit of an adjustment because I haven't trained for a year and I'm used to havin a Zone Leader companion that knows pretty well what hes doin. I am finishing Elder Larsen's training so I have to remind myself that he is still green around the gills. But he is learning! He is so much further ahead of where I was at towards the beginning of my mission! Its a blessing to be his companion. 
   At transfers on Wednesday I got to see a lot of missionaries that I know! All the ones that I came out with were there! So we got a picture of that! Then also I got to see Sister Haley Bash who is a good friend that I knew before the mission! That was so cool! And of Course a picture with President Mansell (: Fun stuff!  
   But were thrown right into the middle of all this craziness. There are now 3 companionships in this ward and there was 2 before. There is so much work to do around here! Its amazing! The 2nd night we were here (Thursday) we had a referral that we went to go see. She had requested a large print bible. The Other elders dropped us off and we said that we would get home from there. We gave her the Bible and a Book of Mormon and she said that she would love for us to come back next week! So that was super awesome! Then we talked to a lady right outside of her apartment building who used to investigate the church a few years ago. She also said that we could come back next week! Super awesome!! Then we got super lost tryin to go home. So we ended up having to call some other missionaries to come rescue us. It was pretty funny! We even had to hop over a train to get to where they were gonna pick us up! It was a fun night! But things are great here. The other missionaries that we are serving with are awesome. Elder Anderson and Elder Loos, and Sister Woolner and Sister Medeiras. They are solid! We are blessed! 
   On Friday we volunteered at the annual Hotter N' Hell Hundred bike race that they have here. We helped with the registration! It was a blast! And we even met a few members that came from other parts of the country! We even had our Zone Leaders ( I love not being a zone leader by the way! ) ride in the race in full pros! They were also interviewed live after the race was over! Such a cool experience! We got to talk to so many people there! We even got a free tshirt for volunteering (: Its hot and humid down here and life couldn't be better! I have every bit of trust and faith that President Mansell knows where the Lord needs his missionaries to be serving. We are so blessed and happy to be here! I pray that yall have a wonderful week and know that I love you and appreciate your love and support so much! I couldn't do it without yall! Love yall and dont forget where your blessings come from! 

Elder Walker Texas Ranger (:

My New temporary Address is:

3001 Kemp Blvd. #1313
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Elder Walker

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