Monday, October 19, 2015

Sept 28th

Hey y’all,

   This week has been a pretty crazy one for us. We had amazing weather though which made it super nice! We got out on the bikes just because we can (: I like biking even though we have a truck it’s nice to feel the cool Oklahoma breeze. It’s officially fall now and its really cooling down fast.
This week we had the chance to visit with lots of different people. Ranging from less actives to investigators to active members. We have really been trying to focus on member missionary work! It is the most effective way to do this work! It’s hard to get it started but once it’s going it’s going! 
   On Sunday morning we had a meeting with our stake president and counselors, and our mission president to discuss missionary work in the stake. The Zone Leaders in the stake are in charge of the meeting so it was a little intimidating because there were some important people there. So it was me and Elder Taggart from Quail Creek zone and Elder Beus and Elder Quijada from the OKC Zone. Also the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Beltaton and Sister Garner were there. We discussed member missionary work with them and made some plans to spread that type of work across the whole stake. It was really awesome to be able to counsel with all those church leaders and correlate our work with theirs. We are striving to be a stake of invitation by having the members invite their friends to visit with the missionaries. It is the only way this work can be done!
I hope that all of you have the courage to invite someone to partake of the Gospel. General Conference is coming up this weekend and would be a wonderful opportunity to invite someone! So do it!
All is well here and I am loving being in my new area with Elder Taggart! He is an awesome missionary!
Remember that the success is in the invitation! The most they can do is say no! When you have invited, you have done your job and fulfilled your responsibility as a member of the Lords church!
Love y’all and hope that you have a week full of invitations! 

Elder Walker

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