Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 26th


This week has been good! Its been switching back and forth between warm and cold. But we got lots of work done and taught several lessons! We were able to go to one of the sister missionaries investigators baptisms on Saturday and Elder Staheli was able to baptize him and I was able to confirm him on Sunday! So cool! On top of that we had a bunch of less actives at church. It was awesome!
We hopefully have a baptism coming up soon in about a month. Hopefully it works out! 
This week is going to be amazing! We get to go to the temple tomorrow and on Saturday! Twice in one week! The temple is such an amazing place and there are so many blessings that can be received from attending regularly. 
We have been thinking a lot about trials lately and trying to help people as they go through them. We see so many people here that can't get past their trials, it seems like they get comfortable and they are literally stuck in a rut. We try to tell them to put 'er in 4 low and crawl out but they don't want to. That's the weird part. So sad to see wasted potential.
On another note, for those of you who haven't heard, My cousin Tyler Denton came home from his mission early because they found a tumor in his abdomen. They don't know what it is or if it is cancerous but please keep him in your prayers. I'm sure this is not easy for him and his family so I know prayers would be appreciated! 
Sorry this letter is short but we've got the ZL's coming today. So we gotta get stuff done fast! Love y'all and have a good week!

Elder Walker

The sister's baptism

The old district back together again

I met sister Robison from Sherwood where my cousin lives. Small world

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