Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2nd

Hey y'all!

Well this week was interesting. On Monday through Wednesday it was like 75 to 80 degrees outside. It was super nice to be biking with no jacket again! In January too! 
But then Thursday it went back down into the 40s. Oh well. When we woke up this morning it was 15 degrees outside. Its really throwing me off! But since it was cold that means that we were walking again. We walked FridaySaturday (in the pouring rain) and Sunday.
But we got a new investigator on Sunday which was awesome! His name is Tim and he is an interesting guy! But anyways we had a good week. 
Tuesday we went to the temple! I was so excited for that! We went with our zone and it was such an amazing experience! 
Thursday we went down to Union City. We have the northern half of Union City and the 2nd ward has the southern half, so we went with them. It's about 20 miles from Yukon and we had 2 less active members we went to go see. The population of Union city is 1,600 haha and it's all farmland. Mostly what I imagined most of  Oklahoma to be like! We tried to visit our less actives but neither of them were home. We did get to see lots of tractors, big trucks and cows though! It was an adventure to say the least! That was probably the highlight of the week! 
We dropped Ed and Murtle as investigators. They were not interested anymore. Sad but you've gotta do it sometimes. 
But this week I have been studying a lot about the spirit. I especially like the scripture in 2 Nephi 33:1-2. It talks about the spirit bringing the truth unto the hearts of the Children of men, unto their hearts. We must let it into our hearts. I was thinking about ways to let it into our hearts and one thing I thought of is that we must listen to and follow the promptings of the spirit. It's not always easy to do this but we must act courageously on those promptings! They usually aren't easy things. They usually aren't comfortable or even convenient. But that doesn't matter. We never know what might come of our decision to act on those promptings. We might be the answer to someones prayer! So never fail to act courageously and I promise you will be blessed for your courage!
I love y'all and hope your week is amazing! Its time to hit the ol dusty trail so I'll talk to you next week! 

Love y'all!

Elder Walker

This is AP Petersen and AP Zeyer. They are super awesome!

Oklahoma City Temple

The District

My Zone

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