Monday, September 21, 2015

August 24th

Hey yall!

   Another week flown by! It has been a better one for sure and the Lord has been blessing us a ton! The weather has been super nice and in the low 80's and 70's, which is unheard of for weather in August! We were blessed with a new investigator named Kierra and she is 18 yrs old. Super sweet girl who is sincerely interested! She is on schedule for baptism on Sept. 26th! So exciting! We were able to get a lot done this week. We visited with lots of people and worked hard! It rained a few days and that's always fun, but nothing new to me! Its been amazing to see how the Lord humbles us. When I got to this area, we had 2 baptisms within my first 6 weeks here. Things were on fire! Then I guess the Lord didn't want us to get too cocky because He let us struggle for ahwile. But now we are being blessed with new investigators and more people to teach!

Anyhow, there's a thought I wanted to share with yall. In D&C 137:9 it talks about how the Lord will judge us according to our works, and according to our desires. Right there He says that our works and our desires are one in the same. What we do is what we desire. Also what we are working towards is our desire too. So take a moment and ponder on what your desires are. Are they righteous? Are they selfish? Most importantly, are they in line with Gods will? Think about that and evaluate if you need to change some of your desires or not. I know I do! Our desires are manifest by the things that we do.

I love yall and hope that yall have an amazing week! Talk to ya next week!

Elder Walker

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