Monday, September 21, 2015

August 31st

Hey Y’all!

   This week has been a really good one for us! Summer is coming to an end and the weather is cooling down, but also the work is picking up! We were able to do a lot of service for both members and non-members this week. We did 3 moves and a few lawns haha. We just need to start a business!
We were also able to teach a few good lessons to Colby and Amy and also to Kiera. Kiera came to church this week and that was awesome! She loved it and said that she wanted to come back next week! She is very curious and willing to learn. It’s so exciting when people are like that and progress so quickly in the Gospel! 
On Wednesday we were able to go to the temple as a zone! That was really awesome! We have the best zone leaders in the whole mission! Elder Bues and Elder Quist are amazing!! They are so inspired and led by the spirit in all they do! 
Anyhow, all is well here! We are getting along great! The rest of the district is doing good too.
This week I was studying in the Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 10) about Jacob talking about the coming of Christ. He talked about how Christ had to go to the Jews specifically in order to complete His ministry and the Atonement. Jacob talks about how the Jews were the only ones who were wicked enough to kill their Savior. Any other nation would have repented and accepted Him as their Savior. That really surprised me when I read that! Something interesting that I never really thought about before! I hope and pray that we all would repent and accept Jesus as our Savior if He came to us!
I hope that y’all have an amazing week and stay strong and don't be afraid to share the gospel and open your mouth! Love y’all!

Elder Walker

Here is our Zone at the Temple

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