Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hey Y’all!

   This week was a pretty good one! It was hot but still real good. It was the last week of the transfer and I am still staying here! I’m super happy I’m staying! That means that I get to finish Elder Barton's training at least. At the end of this next transfer I will have been here for 6 months so there’s a good chance that I could be getting transferred. But we'll see what happens. Anyhow, He is doing real good! He is adjusting to missionary life well and picking it up! He keeps me in check too. Holy smokes this kid is sharp! We really get along great and I have learned so much from him! One of the biggest things I have learned from him is patience. Not because he drives me crazy but because he is a very patient person and I’m not haha. But it’s good because I've been trying to work on my patience without praying for it because we all know what happens when you do that! But we work well together as a companionship. I have to get myself to shut up sometimes because I find that I talk too much. He is a quiet kid so I got to give him opportunities to teach and testify. He is so much further ahead of me when I was at that point on my mission. They just keep coming out better and better every single transfer! I am so lucky to be training him!  I got super lucky and got the stud of all studs! I feel like most of the time, he is training me. So it’s always fun to work with him.
   Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes that y’all sent me! On Friday I got 18 letters and 2 packages in the mail! I think that's an all time mission record! So thank you everyone for that! It was a special day for sure. It was another day of missionary work but it was still a special one!
   This week I read a scripture in Mosiah 5:2. It talks about the people believing the words of the prophets and knowing of the surety of the spirit because it has brought a change upon their hearts and because they no longer have any desire to do evil. When we let the spirit influence us in a positive way we will have no desire at all to do any evil and only a desire to do well. I have found that to be true on my mission. There are often times that you receive temptation and you really have to fight it. And when you are receptive and sensitive to the spirit, temptation seems to be super easy to resist! It’s a huge blessing to have access to the spirit! That is actually what I am going to give my training on in district meeting this Friday. So there’s a little sneak peak.
   I hope that y’all have an amazing week and sorry this is late. We had some other stuff going on Monday. Talk to ya next week!

Elder Walker

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