Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey everyone! 

The work has been going good here in Mustang and Yukon but this last week was a challenge. Every single appointment we had scheduled, cancelled on us. We taught no one and got into 2 doors. Even the less actives we are working with didnt really want to talk with us. But thats missionary work and the Savior knows exactly how I feel. This next week will be better and I hope we can find more investigators. November hit and so did the November weather! It was down in the 30's this weekend and windy too! Crazy to think it was in the 90's the week before! Elder Staheli is such an amazing companion and trainer! He is such a good example to me and the other missionaries. Our temple trip on wednesdaywas an amazing experience and our recent convert, Rodney, loved it!! Not much to report on this week other than we put a lot of miles on our bikes and got lots of exercise! But the members here feed us really well so thats a good thing! This week has truly been a patience building experience and I am greatful for the things I have learned from this. I am so thankful for all your prayers and they have helped so much. I can see the Lords blessings in my life everyday and I know that he will continue to bless us as we share the gospel with others!

Elder Walker 

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