Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hey yall!

Its freezin cold and snowy here right now! I woke up this morning and it was 17 degrees outside! We have still been on bikes but we'll survive. All thanks to several pairs of long johns and my good ol' Carhartt Jacket I've been stayin nice 'n toasty (: I think its supposed to warm up this week though. I sure hope so cuz this cold is gettin to me!
Anyhow the work here is fantastic! I love it! We got 3 new investigators this week and 2 committed to baptism! Freddy and Larissa and then Marty. 
Larissa was a media referral and her friend who was recently baptized told her about the church. She wanted to learn more so we went and talked to her. Turns out her husband Freddy is real curious too. They both said that they would be baptized in the first lesson! They are sincerely seeking for the truth. 
Then Marty is the husband of a member in our ward. Their family has been through some very, very hard times within the last few months so he is reachin our for help and support which is a perfect opportunity for us to help him. 
These people truly have been prepared by the Lord to hear the Gospel. We finally set a baptismal date with a more stubborn investigator (that being said in the nicest way possible haha) For July 18th 2015. Shes gonna take a while so it was a miracle that we could even set that date with her! 
We are gettin fed some of the most delicious fattening, deep fried, BBQ'd amazing food I have ever tasted, almost every night. Last night we had Chick-Fil-A or somethin like that... Fried Okra is real popular here and its alright as long as its fried. I can feel my arteries slowly cloggin up with every meal I eat but thats why we're on bikes (: 
The people here are so friendly and loving. Even if they dont know you. Freddy and Larissa offered to drive us home after our lesson with them because we were on bikes and it was near zero degree temps because of the wind. So they drove us home (in a very very nice cummins I might add:) And that was the second time ever talking to them! Then they told us they were feeding us next week regardless if we had other plans. They thought it wasn't right that we only get $135 a month for food haha. 
The work is great, The food is good and the Lord is so generous! I see his hand in everything we do. The way our plans work out, the people we meet and in the lives of the people we teach! He loves us so much and wants us all to return to him again. That is why it is so important that we accomplish everything we can according to his plan while we're here on the earth. Such as Baptism by Priesthood Authority and other sacred ordinances. And its our responsibility to help others prepare to meet God. (Alma 34:32) Keep it up and the Lord with bless you in more ways we can ever comprehend. 

Elder Walker

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