Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hey ya’ll!

Another week is come and gone in Oklahoma. It went from snow last weekend to the 70's throughout the week to torrential rain this weekend. It’s pretty weird if you ask me!

This week was slow. We taught most of our investigators and they all committed to come to church but none of them did. We were disappointed but that’s missionary work for ya. This week will probably be just as slow if not slower because of thanksgiving!

Our awesome ward mission leader Brother Bynum is now Bishop Bynum! NOOOOOO!!!! He was such an awesome missionary! But he'll do fantastic as bishop. We are having thanksgiving with them and another Family the Stotts. We get 2 dinners :)

We had a ward family game night to try and get some less actives and investigators to but hardly anyone came... But something funny happened afterwards! We were getting ready to leave and there was this guy who was lying under his truck. He said he had been there for several days trying to fix it. His starter went out and he needed some help putting it back in. So everyone pointed to me and said he can do it! Great, thanks guys... anyhow, I got under there and got to work. He was telling me about how he was a diesel mechanic for Peterbuilt. I was like wait you’re a mechanic and you can’t put a starter in your own truck? Hmm, there’s something wrong here... So while he told me about his life experience of being a mechanic I fixed his truck in about 10 minutes. I put it in place, bolted it down and reconnected the wires :) He was super thankful though. He said I don’t know what I would have done without you! I was like yeah ya’ll need to find a new job or go back to school and learn how to fix stuff haha. I’m just a missionary dude. But moral of the story is don’t buy a Ford. They're a pain to fix :) so that was my fun experience for the week haha. 
I hope ya’ll have an awesome thanksgiving! Remember everything you have comes from the Lord! 
Love ya’ll!

Elder Walker

New Mission vehicles...... just kidding :)

New scripture case, the other one wouldn't fit in the back pack.

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