Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Everybody!

Oklahoma is amazing! I am serving in the Mustang 1st ward west area (120 square miles actually) Our apartment is in Yukon though. My address is 
501 Pointe Parkway Blvd. Apt 3206
Yukon OK 73099

It is so nice here. There are lots of really big trucks and everyone has a southern accent! Yes!! I am already starting to pick up some of it... dang haha oh well.

We are in a biking area so I'm putting my new bike to use! My companion is Elder Staheli (staylee) and he is amazing! He is from springville utah and we get a long very well.

The people here are so nice and caring. Most everyone down here is southern baptist and they love their bibles. Its different trying to teach people who know so much already! The only thing they need in their lives is the truth and they're good to go!

We have 3 investigators right now and we have found a few more potentials. These people here are really curious and receptive to the gospel and all have a desire to follow Christ. The food here is too good. I already had fried okra or however you spell it haha. Its alright and I'm not a huge fan of fried vegetables anyways. I probably have the nicest apartment known to man so I'm kinda spoiled. I have already seen several miracles here and come to know that the Lord does work in mysterious ways. This work is so important and I love being part of it.

Share the gospel with as many people as you can! I think about all the people I could have shared it with but I didn't and I wish I would have so don't be selfish! The salvation of their souls depends on it!

In stake conference this weekend, President Bean talked about missionary work and how it's the same as temple work. They are both so important but they go hand in hand with each other. You cannot be a great temple attender and not share the gospel and you cannot be a great missionary and not attend the temple. Then he said something very bold and powerful. You cannot expect to make it to the Celestial Kingdom and Live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ if you do not do your part to bring lost souls unto Christ. WOW!! Slap in the face I know!!! Anyhow just a thought for the week (: Share your beliefs with everybody!

Elder Walker

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  1. Thank you for those words. I know why my mission as a Family Search Missionary is so important. We are merely working on opposite sides of the veil.