Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This morning about 5am we woke up to the phone ringing. With blurry eyes we answered to hear our Elder Walker saying hi. He sounded good, tired but good. He was at the Salt Lake City airport and only had about twenty minutes before the flight started boarding.
As Quickly as we could we asked about the devotional and how the past week had gone. He said that he and Elder Gonzalez had done well in the devotional, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.
He also said that the one day while they were in class, they heard over the speaker asking Elder Walker and Elder Gonzalez to come to the front desk. They went down to the reception area and were asked to perform the number for incoming elders and sisters. Shane said it was a neat experience.
He said his boots Carhartt jacket came in handy because they had done some service outside and it was a bit cold.
That was about it, we all said goodbye and went on with our day wondering if we would hear from him later in the day.

About 5pm we got this.

Hey guys! I made it to Oklahoma safe and sound. The plane rides went well and President and Sister Walkenhorst met us at the airport and took us to the church, they are the nicest people. All the people here are so nice and loving! Talk to you next Monday!

Elder Walker

He looks tired but happy. 

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