Sunday, July 17, 2016

June 13th

Hey Y’all!

   It’s been in interesting week for sure! We have done so much service this week! Everything from falling trees, mowing lawns, moving people, to raking leaves. We also have had quite the wild ride. On Wednesday we went to do some service for some ward members and in the process Elder Riffenburg drove over a small stump and messed up the front bumper of the truck. Well we have that to get fixed now. My first time ever having a truck that was messed up! Then later in the week he did something else too. I'll talk about that one in a bit. 
   This weekend we had stake conference! We drove up to Norman with our ward mission leader on Saturday evening then we rode with the sisters up there on Sunday morning. The stake president is so cool! His name is President Satterthwaite. The focus of this conference was about the family unit and how to strengthen it. It was so good! They talked all about how much Satan is making such an attack on the family. Which he is! We see it every single day! So it was really good to hear them focus on that! 
   On Sunday after stake conference, we came home and had quite the adventure! Since we had woken up that morning, it had been pouring rain and storming pretty hard. It rained so much that the streets flooded, Washed out roads and bridges, flooded stores and homes, ruined cars and the works! While we were coming back on the highway, (we were on HWY 77) there were parts where the road had washed out completely, then another back road we tried to take had a bridge that washed out, then the Interstate 35 was ridiculously backed up and so we took another back road that took us east of Pauls Valley and that road had a part that was about ready to wash out! We drove across really quick and we later heard that it did wash out haha. Crazy stuff. The whole town of Pauls Valley was flooded at one point in about 4 ft. of water and many parts still are. The drainage systems here suck! It made for an adventure. The rivers were about 20 ft. higher than usual and everything was a mess! I hope that they can get everything cleaned up quick!    So for the second time that Riffenburg broke the truck. We were driving on the road in about 2 ft of water. (I promise it was the only way to where we needed to go) Well Riffenburg thought that it was cool to drive through the water really fast so he did and in the process, ripped off one of our mud flaps. Our poor truck! So I've been givin him a hard time about it all day! haha. But the rest of this week should be a fun one for sure. We get to drive to Lawton tomorrow to help with car inspections at a zone conference, then we have our zone conference on Wednesday! It should be fun!
   I love y’all so much and hope that y’all have a wonderful week! 

Elder Walker

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