Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 5th

Hey Y’all!

   This week has been amazing! I don't think that I have ever sweat so much in my life. It seems like it’s getting hotter and hotter every day. The heat is only amplified by the humidity. But that comes with summer time here in Oklahoma. And it’s only the beginning of it all. It’s been consistently in the high 90's with a day or 2 of 100+ degrees. I prefer the cold but I guess I don't mind it too much. 
   As always, we have had so many chances to serve this week. Mowing lawns, helping others move, serving at a food bank, clearing brush on a ranch... the list goes on and on! I love it! And through that service, we found 3 new investigators as well. Which never hurts :P That was definitely a miracle! At the food bank we do service at there is a guy Rodney who runs the organization. We have wanted to teach him but he is a tough nut to crack. Last week he asked us if we would help him move his sister in from Ohio. She got here on Tuesday and we showed up and moved em in quick like the Mormon moving crew always does! Then afterwards we taught him, his sister and her daughter! So neat! They were so receptive! But sometimes that what it takes is a little service! 
   Our 4th was awesome! We couldn't email because the library was closed and the stores were all closed. We drove through downtown Pauls Valley (Which consists of about 2 blocks of stores and buildings) and the streets were lined with American flags. Both sides all just waving in the wind. There were probably 50 of them! It was so cool to see! The people here love their country for sure! So we went out to the Carnegie Ranch to go fishing! We caught tons of fish there! We caught bass, bluegill, yellow bellied sunfish, and some sticks. It was really cool! They had also killed a timber rattle snake that I skinned and am curing to make something cool with! It’s been an awesome week! 
   Time is short and we gotta go meet our new mission president! I love y’all and hope that y’all have a wonderful week! 

Elder Shane Walker

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