Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 11th

Hey Y’all!

   This week has been a good one for us. Nothing too crazy happened though. The weather has been amazing and we aren't complaining one bit! Except for this weekend. It got stormy! But before I get to that, we found this lady who is super cool! Her name is Debra and she lives pretty close to our place. She was out in her yard so we stopped to talk to her and she invited us back! We went back on Saturday night and had a great lesson with her! Her husband was in the house runnin around doin stuff but he said that when we come back he wants to join in with us! So cool!
   Things with the Moreno family are going good. We had an awesome lesson with them at the church and they seemed to love it! They are still on track for April 30th and we are soooooo excited for them!!
   So the highlight of the week. First off, I want to talk about our stake president here in the OKC stake. His name is President Tom Gray. He is the CEO of an extremely successful oil company but if you didn't know that, you'd never be able to guess! He is one of the most humble men I have ever met in my entire life. He is such a good example and is such a righteous leader. I have had the chance to serve around him now for over a year! I have been in this stake since April 1st, 2015 and have loved every second of it! But anyhow, yesterday we had our Stake General Priesthood meeting. We got to hear from several brethren and then the stake presidency. Listening to President Gray speak is like listening to an apostle speak! I am glued to him the whole time! Last night He spoke about being men of Valor and how we as priesthood holders have a wonderful and powerful calling.
   Meanwhile, during this meeting, there was a really bad thunderstorm that was happening. There was lots of thunder and lightning but kind of in the distance. It was pretty cool cuz I love thunderstorms! So at the beginning of President Gray's talk, he defined what valor meant. Basically meaning, powerful and courageous. Then he looked out at everyone and with so much power he said, "We are men of Valor." As soon as he finished that sentence, there was a huge clap of thunder that literally shook the entire building. Holy smokes. I don't know if him and God had some sort of deal goin on or what but that was probably the most powerful statement I have ever heard made. The thunder definitely helped out there! It was amazing!
   Then he talked about how as priesthood holders we need to do things every day to sanctify ourselves (Sanctify means to make holy) He said that the opposite of sanctify is dishonor. Then he said, " If there is anything that you are doing to dishonor your priesthood, Stop it. " Followed by another huge clap of thunder. The spirit testified to me of the power of the priesthood and the power that this man has. He has been such a huge influence to me and I am so thankful for the chance that I've had to serve around him! I hope someday to have the power that he has! That power comes from strict obedience to the commandments and also heeding the promptings of the spirit. It is possible!!

I love y’all and hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Walker   

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