Monday, July 20, 2015

July 13th

 What a week it’s been! It’s flown by! It was cool and rainy earlier in the week and got real hot this weekend.

On Tuesday I was on exchanges with one of our zone leaders Elder Quist. We were biking around in the pouring rain and I wrecked because my brakes don't work too well when they're wet haha. Oh well! Then we had a bunch of meetings. A meeting for the new missionaries and they're trainers called veterans meeting. After 2 weeks they're considered "veterans" I think it’s funny but whatever works I guess. Friday and Saturday we were biking like mad too!
Saturday morning we went mountain biking in the morning for our exercise. I think we may have found the only mountain biking trail in Oklahoma. And it’s right next to a lake. That was pretty fun! Got all muddy and sweaty! Great way to start off the day! I think we rode a total of like 20 miles Saturday! We were all over the place! That same evening, we were planning on going down to 30th St. (we live on 63rd St.) to do some less active hunting and elder Barton got a flat tire. So we were going to go to the apt. real quick to change out his tube and then head down there. Then my chain got jammed as I was riding behind him! It was jammed so bad that I had to disconnect it to fix it! I think the Lord didn't want us to go down to 30th St! And that's not even the ghetto, but oh well.

Then yesterday it was a million degrees outside! Holy smokes it was hot. And Sundays are hard days anyways because people are either sleeping or in church. Oh well. Hopefully we can continue to work hard and find tons more people to teach! We dropped like 6 or 7 investigators this week so we are down to 2 or 3. So please pray that we will be able to find new people to teach!

This week I have been studying a lot about Lehi's dream. Its talks about his dream in 1 Nephi 8 and also even more in depth when the Lord is allowing Nephi to see it as well in the few following chapters after that. It’s amazing to read those things and realize that they are all happening right now! These are truly the last days and the Savior will be coming quickly! Are y’all ready?? I am! I would highly recommend that y’all study those chapters deeply. There is a lot of cool stuff in there! Have a great week!

Elder Walker 

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