Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 9th

Hey Y’all

This week has been something else... I don’t know where to start. It was cold to start off the week them Wednesday it snowed hard!  Elder Lloyd and I were biking when it started to snow so we got caught in that haha. No fun! I don’t suggest biking in the snow for anyone who was thinking about doing that. 
So this week I went on 2 exchanges. One with the Zone Leader Elder Park on Thursday to Friday, then another with the new missionary Elder Roundy on Friday to Saturday. That was all nuts!
Then throughout the week we taught a bunch of lessons to investigators, less actives and some members too. Then Wednesday the snowstorm happened and we were stuck inside all day. Then Friday we set up for a wedding at the church and Saturday we attended and took down the wedding. Then Sunday we lost an hour, and had ward council early in the morning and both Elder Lloyd and I got sick. Whew! Crazy stuff!
But regardless this week was full of spiritual experiences and wonderful testimony building experiences too. As of now I am spiritually and physically drained! I am so glad that it’s preparation day! haha 
I am so glad to be out here in the crazy bipolar wonderful state of Oklahoma serving the Lord and helping others build their faith and come closer to Christ and our Father in Heaven! What a wonderful work! (D&C 52:9-10) We are called to spread the Gospel 2 by 2 and declare repentance unto all nations! It is the best calling and it is all of our responsibility! Keep up the good work y’all and read and pray everyday! Love y’all!

Elder Walker

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