Monday, December 15, 2014


Hey Y'all! 

   This week has been crazy! We had nice weather up until this weekend. We had cold, foggy Oregon weather FridaySaturday and part of SundaySunday evening it started to rain. Hard. Like harder than Oregon sometimes! Then it started to hail. It only hails when there's a tornado. There were 2 tornado's that touched down in El Reno and Midwest City not too far from here. Luckily it didn't effect us but it was kinda freaky! And the worst part is that I didn't get to see either of the tornado's!! What the Heck! 
  Anyhow, this week has been amazing! We were so busy all week! We got 2 new investigators who are solid! So keep Eddy and Rocky in your prayers! Eddy is a 19 yr old kid who is a Welder for an oil rig out here. He is such a humble young man. He moved out here with his fiance ,Carly, who is a member and is only 18! They have really been strugglin these last few weeks because they don't know anyone and they feel so lonely. We took Bishop Bynum with us to visit them and had an amazing experience! We will be spendin part of Christmas with them at the Bynums home! We talked to Eddy about our church and how it can help him come closer to the Savior and to our Heavenly Father. He is so curious and wants to learn more! We gave them Priesthood Blessings and that was such a powerful experience!
  The power of the Priesthood is so amazing. It is literally the authority to act in God's name and call down the Powers of Heaven in behalf of an individual. What a blessing to have that same power that the Prophets of old like Moses and Abraham had. The same Priesthood Authority that Moses used to part the Red Sea. It truly has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith who received it from Peter, James and John. I have seen many miracles and wonderful blessings come from it. We have so many wonderful opportunities to exercise our Priesthood out here and I love it! For those of you who hold it, always be worthy to use it at any time because you never know when you will need to. And for those who do not hold it, It can still be such a significant part of your lives! Ask for Blessings if you need them. Don't be afraid. The Lord has put the Priesthood on the earth for us to use, so take full advantage of it! 
   Also Another thing that Is such a powerful tool and source of knowledge its the Book of Mormon. For those of you who have not read it, Read it! It is so powerful! And for those of you who are reading it, continue to do so! There's a passage that I love In 2 Nephi Chapter 29, verses 8 and 9. Pg. 110.  It talks about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible compliment each other. The testimony of 2 nations is a witness of God. The Book of Mormon is a testimony and Record of God and Jesus Christ's dealings with the people of Ancient America. Where the Bible is the record of God and Jesus Christ's dealings with the people in Jerusalem and that continent. God wouldn't only provide a savior to one group of people. He Loves all his children the same! What a blessing! Anyhow, The Book of Mormon has changed my life and will continue to do so. And I know it can do the same if you read and study it diligently! 

Love y'all and don't forget where all your blessings come from!

Elder Walker  

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